Increase YOUR NET-ability for a Shorter, Smarter, and Safer Job Search

Since 1995, NETability has focused on helping job seekers, recruiters, and organizations to safely and smartly navigate through the world of online job search and recruiting.

NETability President, Susan P. Joyce, is an acknowledged leading expert in this field, helping job seekers with safe online job search since 1995. A Visiting Scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management from 2013 through 2016, Susan is a researcher, writer, editor, trainer, and speaker on the topic withover 20 years of experience in this field.

Susan is also co-editor of the 5-star Kindle book New Year, New Job! which compiled great tips from the Job Search Experts into one book on one topic, helping job seekers successfully leverage the holiday season for their job hunting.

NETability currently owns, a job search advice site, and owned (from 1998 thru 2020), both award-winning job search and employment websites that have won many honors.

What NETability do you need?

Over the past decade, technology has dramatically changed how we do many things. Then, the pandemic generated even more changes as we have become more dependent on technology to do our jobs and to stay in touch with each other.

The pandemic also required us to learn new skills to grow in our use and, hopefully, our comfort with technology.

And the changes will continue, possibly even picking up speed in the future. NETability will help you stay up-to-date with what works NOW, including:

  • Targeted Job Search - To succeed today, you must know:
    • The job you want next (not your dream job for "someday" but the job you want next).
    • Your target employers (at least 20 of them).
    Targeting your job search enables you to identify and use the keywords appropriate for that job and those employers.

    Without those targets you will be invisible because the keywords relevant for the job you want won't be included in your resumes, LinkedIn profile, etc.

    Without those keywords, you will not be included in a recruiter's search results. Deadly for a successful job search!
  • Personal SEO - Before they interview or seriously consider you for a job, employers quickly and easily research you online.

    This requirement makes the right keywords for your professional accomplishments and goals critical.

    Good content (LinkedIn) supporting your professional skills is NOT optional for most professionals in the world today.

    No online presence means you are out-of-date or hiding something.

    Bad visibility, like nasty comments about your boss/employer or videos of you drinking, will also kill opportunities. To succeed today, you must know and focus your online/offline visibility and networking on that target job.
  • Effective Professional Visibility - Today, online reputation management is required!

    If you are in a job search, you must be found in a LinkedIn search for someone with your qualifications, when recruiters are looking for qualified job candidates.

    You must also be found when someone is trying to verify your qualifications by searching Google to find a solid LInkedIn profile and presence that supports your professional claims in a resume or application.

Do NOT assume that everything worked successfully for your last job search will work for your next job search, from resumes to LinkedIn profiles and personal online reputation management. Recruiting is changing and so are the scammers.

NETability is focused on helping job seekers understand how to smartly and safely leverage current technology for a shorter job search.

To reach Susan, call or send an e-mail to for more information.